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Making marketing campaigns cross platform means having to get data from many different sources to be able to calculate, and compare progress. In this article, we have collected some of the different ways you can collect data on your online marketing campaigns.

We have quite a few platforms on this list, which means we cover a lot of different media. If you are interested in analyzing data specifically from your website we recommend; Google Analytics, AccuRanker, Cobraid Deploy and HotJar. These are four services that offer great products for a variety of purposes. 

If, instead, you are more interested in data from your social media platforms, we recommend HootSuite, Storyheap, Rival IQBuzzSumo and pixels

Specifically for e-mails we recommend MailChimp and Yotpo. 

Accuranker is a tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Based on keywords, it takes data from around the web and shows you how you are performing in terms of SEO.

It also offers SERP history to allow you to see which keywords drive organic visitors to your site. 

Price: From $49/mo
Track: Website
HootSuite is a service made to make posting on social media easier. On HootSuite you can plan posts, work in groups and track your social media performance. 

HootSuite also offers an insight into your performance on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Price: From €25/mo
Track: Facebook, Intagram and Twitter

Cobraid Deploy is a goal management system that keeps track of your progress in set areas towards a goal. 

Since Cobraid Deploy connects with LinkedIn, Telegram and Google Analytics, it’s possible to set goals for marketing such as engagement rate and users. 

One of the unique things about Cobraid Deploy is the ability to set up personalized dashboards and share them through a link. This gives, anyone that you choose, access to your progress towards your goals in real time enabling transparency. 

Price: Free trial

Track: Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Google Ads and Website

Storyheap keeps track of your stories across social media platforms and in addition they offer an in depth analysis of your data. 

Price: From $99/mo
Track: Snapchat and Instagram

Google Analytics is a service that can be connected to any website you own and keep track of visitors. 

This is useful to get an insight into how many people visit your site, how often they do so and for how long they stay.

We have an article especially on setting goals using Google Analytics.

Price: Free
Track: Website
HotJar can be connected to your website and records how your visitors act when they are on your website.

With HotJar you are able to see heat maps of the visitors interaction with your website. 

Price: Free
Track: Website
BuzzSumo helps find out what other people are talking about. 

You can get an analysis of trending keywords or notifications when you or a keyword is mentioned. They provide a reporting tool for your progress.

Price: From $79/mo
Track: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest

MailChimp is an e-mail assistant that makes writing e-mail much easier. It keeps track of who have signed up for mailing lists, helps you setup e-mails, and sends them automatically. 

I highly recommend it, as it has a great way of showing metrics on how people are receiving your e-mails. MailChimp offers insights into how many recipients of your e-mail opens and clicks. MailChimp also offers A-B-testing. 

Price: Free
Track: E-mails

Yotpo is a service for getting and analyzing reviews of your products. They integrate with several eCommerce sites to gather reviews and give you data on how people are receiving your product. 

Yotpo taks you through the entire work flow of setting up review requests, getting and analyzing those reviews, and sharing the best ones on social media. 

Yotpo gives you a overview of all of the relevant data concerning conversions, reviews and more.

Price: Free
Track: eCommerce – HobSpot, Shopify, Magento and many more
Rival IQ compares your performance on social media with that of your self defined rivals to give you a competetive advantage.

It analyses engagement rates, posting numbers, followers and more for you and your rivals. 

Price: From $169/mo
Track: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Intagram and Google+
A pixel is a term for a small bit of code that allows a third party to get information from your website. Pixels are used to check the relevance and efficiency of your ad campaigns. 

This allows you, among other things, to re-target when someone leaves your site without taking the action you want them to. 

Remember to add a cookie warning to your site if you track visitors.


Track: Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter and more