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Do you want to know a little more about the team at Cobraid? Well, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and read more about us!


Director of Finance and Sales

Meet Sune, a strategic and friendly guy who secretly hold an imaginative power that he is Batman. To train himself for the role of a Danish Bruce Wayne, Sune usually involve himself in a lot of project, including spending time hiking, climbing and being a scout leader. Within the office, he belongs to one of those rare people that tried to not scream at the computer quite often; yet cannot tolerant the blasphemy of pineapple on pizza.

Favorite drink: Beer occasionally.

Favorite thing about the working environment: The freedom to try out new ideas and make something from scratch.

Coffee making skill: Expert in whole beans and measurement.


Director in charge of front-end development

Meet Alexander, who is unable to function well in the morning without a cup of coffee, some puns and being loud with Morten by both screaming at the computer. He is highly motivated by the wonderful that he’s surrounded with. Alexander secretly wish to become Ironman; which some of us might think that is just another cooler and groovier of Batman.

Fan of: Both Star Trek and Star Wars

Favorite thing about the working environment: That nothing is impossible.

 Coffee making skill: The coffee machine works like an extension of his arms


Director in charge of back-end development

Meet Morten, who likes to be call by his middle name “Hoffmann” instead of his first. Hoffmann idolized Superman, not for the red cape or waverly hair, glasses or charming looks yet for the sole fact that he can handle anything that been thrown at him; just like his own characteristic of handling life, all except for not screaming at the computer. He works with respect, preciseness, empathy and compassion. Thus so, beside hanging out with friends, the only other thing he enjoy doing outside of work is more work.

Favorite sport: Road Cycling

Favorite thing about the working environment: The atmosphere, and my colleagues. Creating something that benefits others.

Coffee making skill: Barista level


Communications Manager

Meet Hanne, a calm, kind and creative person whose hero is the amazing Pippi Longstocking. Described by her coworker as a kind, hardworking and curious person, she has her way of solving problems with compassion and positivity. As a mom, she has experiences with calmness and patient, which includes not flipping out of Monopoly or any other boardgame.

Music Genre: Old school like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elton John or Pink Floyd.

Favorite thing about the working environment: The atmosphere. There’s a very flat hierarchy and everyone is just so open, nice and it’s all built on trust. We all want the same thing.

Coffee making skill: Good, but better at drinking it.



Meet Lee, a positive, hardworking and energetic person who is secretly Wonder women inside. She who is driven by honesty and ambition, along with a good dinner recipe. Lee has been voted as having the best smile within the company, along with her enthusiasm and the ability to pay attention to detail.

Favorite band: ABBA and Fleetwood Mac

Favorite thing about the working environment: It’s a relaxed but creative environment

Coffee making skill: Steaming milk! It’s surprisingly hard to do without burning the milk



Meet Lan, a fun and enthusiastic person who belongs in a small group of ,on the verge of going extinct, human beings that absolutely loves pineapple on pizza. Maybe that’s the reason why Jean Grey is the “superhero” who she wished to be, before turning to the dark side ofc. Claimed to be driven by persistence and patient, she still can’t hold her calmness when it comes to computer screen being froze.

Favorite “to go” drink: Water

Favorite band: The Beatles 

Favorite thing about the working environment: The people and the open space with an active environment to work in.

Coffee making skill: Instant coffee

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