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Some of the problems facing marketing firms are coming from their tools and the data they use. Below are some suggested solutions and ideas to help firms become more efficient and productive. This blog post is part of 2 part series, you can find our other blog post here.

Understanding the tools

One of the issues that firms have, is that their employees and management do not fully understand the tools they use. They do not know the full capacity and potential of their systems, software and tools. Analysing tools and dashboards are fantastic, and give a broad overview of the situation. However, if the user does not understand the cause or the reason for the performance, then it is useless. Using these tools, relies heavily on the user’s digital knowledge and their understanding of metric measuring systems. Dashboards only demonstrate the KPIs, it is the human factor that understands it and interpretes it. Ways to improve on this, is to ensure user’s know how to fully utilize the tools and systems. Offering further training sessions can help increase the user’s knowledge, and in turn, increases the user’s ability to utilise the tool to its full potential.

Have a clear data strategy, purpose and goal for using tools

Tools are there to serve a purpose for the user, and if there isn’t a clear purpose then the process of gathering data is a bit pointless. Without any strategy, it is difficult to have an indication of what information you should gather, or which KPI you should measure and obtain results for. Creating a data strategy is a good way to make sure you are productively using the tools with an end goal in mind.

Blending different data results to have a full understanding

In order to have a fully comprehensive picture, you need to take data from different KPIs. This way, you are not basing your final results on just one KPI, but from multiple. By doing this, you will get a bigger and fuller indication of current situation of the business.

Understanding and having clear communication using data tools

It is important that the users of the tool have clear communication standards between each other, this will reduce the likelihood of any misunderstandings and mistakes, which can be costly for the business. Other types of communication, for example between employees and senior management, should be clear and consistent as well as the firm towards existing and potential customers. 

Using a smart goal management tool, like Cobraid’s, will allow to manage your goals, and stay on top of your data. For more information, click here to check out our website. 

These are just a few suggestions and ideas. If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to contact us at or leave a comment below.