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Visualize your goals and progress

With Cobraid Deploy you can visualize your organization’s goals and progress through graphs, gauges and live reports. This makes it much easier to relate to the goals and keep track of the company’s progress towards it.

fast and easy

to use

Cobraid Deploy contains templates that makes it easy to set up goals for your team. The equation, name and description is premade to make it as easy for you as possible. 
Need a new template? Send your suggestion to and we will make it.

stay updated

and agile

Cobraid Deploy gets all newest data which makes sure you are always updated and have the possibility to react in the moment

enabling your actions

Set actions connected to the goals you have set in each team to make sure each of your goals will be reached in time and assign the actions to the person responsible for it

all of your analytic data at one place

Do you have to access several platforms to be able to collect all of the data you need to calculate your progress? Not in Cobraid Deploy. We integrate with many systems to be able to collect your data and show you what matters in a few easy steps

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