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News and updates

Update February – 2

Major changes to the LinkedIn  integration. All existing users of LinkedIn integrations should:

  • Remove existing integrations
  • Remove existing goals that uses LinkedIn if present
  • Setup new LinkedIn integrations
  • Redo removed goals or setup new ones
  • Add the new goals to dashbaords

The release also includes some minor UI bug fixes

Update February

Thursday February 14th we released a new update to Cobraid Deploy containing:

  • A new way of calculating KPI results
  • A new and improved e-conomic integration
  • “Start from zero” feature
  • User interface improvements

Update December 2018 – 2

Update including a new integration with Facebook.

We’ve been working on the names of the data sources and variables, so it’s easier to identify each. This is part of our efforts to make it as easy as possible for you to use it in your everyday work life.

Update December 2018

Update including a new integration with Google Ads.

We’ve also included the feature of editing your goal any time. So if you want to postpone it or edit the name it is now possible.

Update October 2018

Update including bug fixes and improved interface.

It is now possible to set the minimum value that you want displayed on graphs and gauges.

Bug fixes

General bug fixes. Including;

  • Data from Linked-In
  • Time zones from Google Analytics
  • Error message

Update September 2018

September 3rd 2018 we launched an update to Deploy containing many new features and a faster system.

Cobraid Deploy now integrates with Google Analytics and Linked-In.

The update also contained a tutorial to help new users set up their first goals and templates to ease the way to setting up goals.

New integration – LinkedIn

We are ready with a brand new integration which we hope you’ll enjoy. With the new LinkedIn integration you’ll be able to integrate page visitors and interactions analytics in you business goals.

New integration – Google Analytics

We are proud to announce a new integration – Google Analytics. Create goals for unique visitors, sessions and much more with the new integration. Keep an eye on this new page as we will be announcing new integrations and features in the very near future.