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What are integrations?

Integrations are the systems that Cobraid Deploy connects to for you to be able to get the needed data. 

To create an integration Cobraid need authorization to be able to pull data from you site, page or account. The systems have different ways of configuring this, but our 3 step process (as shown to the right) will lead you through this. 


How do I get started?

We’ve set up a guide to get you started the very first time you use Cobraid Deploy. 

This guide takes you through setting up your first integration, setting up a goal and making a dashboard. 

We have optimized our system for your ease, but if you experience any troubles please contact us.

How do you store my data?

Your data security is of upmost priority to us.

Your data is only accessed in the form of numerical metrics. We pull out the numbers connected to each data-point you choose when setting up the integration and only use those you choose. 

Some integrations only give real time data which mean we need to cache the data on our server to give you data from time past. This data is only accessable to the app.

The technical explaination

We store all data in Azure where it is encrypted when not in use by our app – Deploy. Only our app – Deploy –  has access to our servers where we store the data.

Sign in to Cobraid Deploy is made with Microsoft ASP.NET Core Identity, with restrictions to passwords. Passwords are encrypted on our server. 

We only cache your data on our servers if necessary. If the data sources can give past data we do not cache your data to our site. But for some cases we need to cache data to be able to show your progress. This for example is the case with LinkedIn.

As per standard our website is SSL encrypted

What’s the price?

The price depends on your needs. If you are a small company or a single department the small package should be good for you. This package is 79 if payed annually – €99 if monthly.

If you have a medium sized company or want to use it in a few departments in a larger company the medium sized package should be good for you. 

If you are thinking of using Cobraid Deploy in a large organization we recommend the large package as it gives you the ability to use the entire system with no constraints. 


Free Trial







The perfect starter pack



Unlimited user accounts

Unlimited goals

Unlimited dashboards

Unlimited data storage

Unlimited personal support

2 organizational levels

5 types of integrations


Fits most organisations



Unlimited user accounts

Unlimited goals

Unlimited dashboards

Unlimited data storage

Unlimited personal support

3 organizational levels

10 types of integration


Ready to go full scale?



Unlimited user accounts

Unlimited goals

Unlimited dashboards

Unlimited data storage

Unlimited personal support

Unlimited organizational levels

Unlimited integrations

* Billed annually

VAT not included