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Get the real-time IT project overview you need for stakeholders, customers and the team with Cobraid Deploy.


Real-time 360° IT project overviews

Stakeholder reporting

IT project reports

Share a dashboard with stakeholders showing them exactly what they need any time they want it. No more no less.

Real-time KPIs

Real-time KPIs

You don’t have to update reports in spreadsheets or elsewhere with Cobraid Deploy. Data is continuously updated and reflects the state of the connected systems all the time. 

Process goals

Set goals with the team and track progress continuously. Get an overview of your current progress compared to the estimated progress at any point in time.

All the time everywhere

Take your overview with you wherever you go. Show progress on dashboards, on the computer, tablet, or phone.

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Connect your favorite IT project tools

Connect you project tools to Cobraid Deploy and experience how data is automatically reflected in your KPIs, metrics, and goals in real-time

Cobraid Deploy lets you create KPIs and metrics based on real-time data from Jira. This includes issue counts, estimated time, worklogs and much more like filters based on epics and status.
Cobraid Deploy is compatible with 3rd party time trackers like Tempo.

Cobraid Deploy seamlessly connects to your Microsoft Azure DevOps projects and enables you to build powerful real-time KPIs and metrics based on data like estimates, count of bugs, product backlog items, and much more. Use filters to precisely pinpoint relevant KPIs.


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Pay for usage not users

Included in all packages

check_circleUnlimited KPIs

check_circleUnlimited users

check_circleShareable dashboard



Additional usage

arrow_forward_ios Dashboards    7 /month/unit
arrow_forward_iosIntegration types 27 /month/unit
arrow_forward_iosTeams 40 /month/unit

It made our communication with our customers and internal stakeholders much easier.

– Sam Dehdar, Director of twoday IT Minds


The big picture

  • Get a bird’s-eye view across teams, projects, and sprints.
  • Use it across the entire organization.
  • Simple, fast and easy to use with no coding experience needed.


A tailored overview

  • Customizable KPIs and dashboards let’s you create the overview and IT project reports needed in any given situation.
  • All customers get access to ready-to-help consultants.


Secure, up to date, and scaleable

  • A cloud-based solution ensures up-to-date software
  • Your data is secure in Microsoft’s Azure platform with the latest security standards.
  • Control user access on a team level to ensure that the right users get access to the right data.


Common questions

How do I share dashboards with stakeholders/customers?

Sharing dashboards is very simple way of creating live and pleasant IT project reports or overviews. By clicking the ‘Get shareable link’ option on a dashboard you get the option to share it with either team members or anyone with the link. Just toggle the switch, copy the link and send it to stakeholders, customers, or who else you want to share it with. You can even embed it on an intranet page or website if you like.

How do I setup KPIs?
When your favorite systems are connected to your team you can start setting up KPIs. It doesn’t matter if you want to use data from Jira, Azure DevOps, something else, or even want to combine data from different systems – the process is always the same. You can watch this video if you want to see what the experience of setting up KPIs is like.
Can I combine data from different sources in my KPIs?
Yes, absolutely. You can use data from all the systems that you’ve connected to your team. Cobraid Deploy takes care of handling all the complicated conversion and calculation work. This includes data from different time zones and different update frequencies. This video goes into details on how Deploy compute KPI values with data from different sources with different update frequencies.
Can I try it before I buy it?

When you book a meeting with us we go through your setup and the things you want to achieve. We then try to identify a suitable small project to test it on with you. When that’s done we work with you to make a plan that fits your situation and application of the software. If you need some time to try things for yourself and play around then that is something we’ll include in the plan.

I'm missing an integration what do I do?

First of all check out the software page to see the full list of integrations. If you don’t find what you are looking for to create beautiful and tailored IT project reports, then don’t worry we are always happy to hear about features, integrations, and the like, that you are missing. We are happy to integrate new systems in collaboration with you. If the new system is useful for multiple users we’ll split the bill. Get in touch if you have a system in mind, and we’ll be happy to make you an offer.

Integrating new systems can vary in terms of implementation time but don’t worry it’s usually a pretty fast process.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video to learn how we made a custom integration to Cobraid Deploy for Exfluency.


Take your project overviews to the next level!

Book a free process examination of your current setup and get a free KPI catalog with field tested KPIs used by successful IT teams.