Provide data-driven

sustainable change

continuous improvements

strategic value

Are you able to prove the value of your work? Are your transformations data-driven? Provide deep insights for your customers with Cobraid Deploy and show the full picture


As a partner, you’ll get

Stakeholder reporting

A tool that shows your value

As a Cobraid partner you’ll be able to show the value your work provides. Deploy will show you relevant KPIs and powerfull insights with metrics based on data form multiple sources. Book a call to learn more.

Real-time KPIs

Access to support

Cobraid staff is always available with support whenever you may encounter any issues or need inputs on how to get the rights metrics from the data or systems that is available to you.

A technical partner

With Cobraid as a tech partner you’ll have access to technical staff that can provide you with solutions for your customers. We can build custom integrations and consult on thing like data quality.

Continous income from kickback

As a partner you’ll get a continous payment for the customers that you onboard on Cobraid Deploy. Book a call to learn more.


An intro to partnerships


Create overviews like never before

Showing progress on process changes can be challenging with data from various systems. Cobraid Deploy makes it easy to get a hold of the data and combine it across sources. Data is automatically reflected in your KPIs, metrics, and goals in real-time.


This is live!


Pay for usage not users

Cobraid Deploy pricing is based on a pricing model that scales with the customer. We’ll handle the billing and you as a partner will get a cut of the usage providing you with a continuous income source.

Included in all packages

check_circleUnlimited KPIs

check_circleUnlimited users

check_circleShareable dashboard



Additional usage

arrow_forward_ios Dashboards    7 /month/unit
arrow_forward_iosIntegration types 27 /month/unit
arrow_forward_iosTeams 40 /month/unit


The big picture

  • Provide a bird’s-eye view across teams, projects, and sprints.
  • Use it across the entire organization.
  • Simple, fast, and easy to use with no coding experience needed.


A tailored overview

  • Customizable KPIs and dashboards let you create the overview needed in any given situation.
  • You get access to ready-to-help consultants who are ready to answer questions or fix the technical difficulties you may encounter so that you can focus on driving change.


Secure, up to date, and scaleable

  • A cloud-based solution ensures up-to-date software
  • All data is secure in Microsoft’s Azure platform with the latest security standards.
  • Control user access on a team level to ensure that the right users get access to the right data.


Common questions

How do I onboard new customers?

Partners get a custom signup link that can be used to set up new customers. This will ensure that the customer is tied to you and that you’ll get the kickback. 

We recommend that you sign up with an email address that you have access to, to be able to provide the best value for the customer. 

Book a call and let’s talk about what an optimal onboarding process would look like for you. 

How do I setup KPIs?
When one or more systems are connected to a team, then you can start setting up KPIs. It doesn’t matter if you want to use data from Jira, Azure DevOps, something else, or even want to combine data from different systems – the process is always the same. You can watch this video if you want to see what the experience of setting up KPIs is like.
Can I combine data from different sources in my KPIs?
Yes, absolutely. You can use data from all the systems that you’ve connected to a team. Cobraid Deploy takes care of handling all the complicated conversion and calculation work. This includes data from different time zones and different update frequencies. This video goes into detail on how Deploy computes KPI values with data from different sources with different update frequencies.
What's in it for me?

As a Cobraid partner, you’ll be provided with a kickback for new customers. By implementing the solution you’ll provide a tool for your customers that sets focus on the most important parts of the process of change or transformation. The tool gives you the opportunity to do follow-ups after your initial work is done and create transformation or process goals with your customers.

My customer is using a system that is not integrated with Deploy. What do I do?

First of all, check out the software page to see the full list of integrations. If you don’t find what you are looking for to create beautiful and tailored dashboards, then don’t worry we are always happy to hear about features, integrations, and the like, that you are missing. We are happy to integrate new systems in collaboration with you. If the system may be useful to other clients we’ll provide a discount to your customer. Get in touch if you have a system in mind, and we’ll be happy to investigate the potential and provide a solution in collaboration with you.

Integrating new systems can vary in terms of implementation time but don’t worry it’s usually a pretty fast process.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video to learn how we made a custom integration to Cobraid Deploy for Exfluency.


How can Cobraid help me?

You’ll be able to draw on Cobraid’s expertise and support as a Cobraid partner. You’ll get access to Cobraids support team who can provide you with KPI sparring, examination of customers’ data and processes, and much more.

Interested in becoming a partner?

We would love to learn more about you and your takes on process consulting and how we can mutually gain from a partnership. Book a call and let’s talk!