November 2020

New features

  • Promote a user to organization administrator.
  • An indicator has been added to the dashboard title to show if it is public or not. Public dashboards are indicated by a globe.
  • Copy a KPI. Existing KPIs on a team can now be copied drastically increasing the setup speed when the user has to setup multiple similar KPIs.


  • It was hard to scroll on dashboards on mobile devices without zooming. This has been improved. Now the user has to tab the graph on a mobile device to activate the zoom functionality. To stop engaging with the graph, the user just have to touch anywhere outside of the graph.
  • Major technical platform upgrades. The software used to create Cobraid Deploy has been upgraded. This has removed various bugs, decreased load time, and overall improved performance in the system.
  • Number widgets now show the same statuses as the graph widgets. This makes the error reasons more clear to the user. 
  • Increased useability of the dashboard share feature (public dashboards). It’s now possible to retrieve a share link again after the dialogue is closed.

Bug fixes

  • Data on graphs started to have its own will after a while, resulting in lines drawn to random places. This has been fixed so that data continue to show correctly. 
  • Organization-wide KPIs were not visible to other teams as they should be. This has been fixed.