Cobraid deploy

The software

Cobraid Deploy is a software tool to let you and your organization work effectively by employing your goals and KPIs. It provides a complete 360° live overview of your strategy improving the ability to adapt and progress more quickly.
Unlike many other similar softwares, Deploy is Mobile friendly and easy to use. Read more about it below 


Cobraid Deploy - KPI management tool

Cobraid Deploy is…


Setup KPIs and get insights whenever you need them.


Easily design your dashboards to fit your needs.


Simple and intuitive to use for everyone in your organisation.


Your data is private, and we make sure it stays like that.


Optimized for any device, so you can use it wherever you are.


Being able to track the impact of actions motivate employees greatly.

Enjoy a fast & easy setup!

Setting up Cobraid Deploy is just as easy as working with it! Alongside the step by step guide you will also have the possibility to get undivided attention from our specialists, finding the right setup for you.

Our integrations

Facebook Insights

With Facebook Insights, you can track metrics like followers, your posts impressions or your engagement ratio.


Like with Facebook, our integration to LinkedIn lets you follow your SoMe progress closely.


The Podio integration let’s you use various different features of Podio as metrics. It also works with its apps.

google analytics

With Google Analytics, you could for example visualize your bounce rate or average session duration.

google sheets

Using systems we don’t integrate with? No worries, you can visualize data from Google Sheets.


Use data from your economy system to set up and track important financial KPIs and keep an eye on your accounting.

Azure devops

Measure the progress of your software development with data from tasks, bugs, user stories, etc.

Atlassian Jira Cloud

Measure the progress of your software development with data from tasks, bugs, user stories, etc.

Google ads

The Google Ads integration allows you to always monitor your ads to ensure that you’re not wasting money.

Not sure what KPIs to track or if Cobraid Deploy is the right solution for you?  Lets talk!