About twoday IT Minds

Since 2010, IT Minds has emerged as a dynamic force in the world of IT development, pioneering innovation on multiple fronts. Their portfolio boasts a rich tapestry of IT projects and cutting-edge solutions, catering to a diverse clientele that includes half of Denmark’s esteemed C25 corporations, burgeoning startups, and various public sector entities.

What sets IT Minds apart is not just their proficiency in crafting technological solutions but also their commitment to nurturing IT talents. They accomplish this by attracting the brightest IT students from the nation’s top universities and by providing career-launching opportunities for emerging IT stars. Across the board, IT Minds’ community shares an unwavering dedication to excellence, marked by their top-tier ambitions and exceptional technical prowess.


This case study explores how twoday IT Minds leveraged Cobraid Deploy to revolutionize client reporting and collaboration. Sam and Kasper, Director and a Project Manager at twoday IT Minds, shares insights on how the platform’s user-friendly interface and shareable dashboards facilitated seamless reporting to clients.

The ability to provide real-time project updates, receive client feedback, and customise reporting metrics proved to be invaluable, setting Cobraid Deploy apart from traditional reporting methods.

Results: By implementing Cobraid Deploy, twoday IT Minds achieved the following outcomes:


Twoday IT Minds’ successful implementation of Cobraid Deploy revolutionized their client reporting and collaboration processes. The platform’s shareable dashboards, real-time data access, and customizable reporting capabilities transformed static reporting into an interactive and collaborative experience. With Cobraid Deploy, twoday IT Minds achieved improved efficiency, enhanced client satisfaction, and a more transparent client-consultant relationship.

And that is why we do what we do!