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In Cobraid Deploy we’ve set up a lot of templates to help you get started. We are adding more templates all the time and are very open to your suggestions.

In this short video we show how we set up a goal in Cobraid Deploy using templates. The goal shown in the video is click-through rate, but the process is the same no matter which goal you would want to set up. Afterwards we show how to edit a dashboard and share it as a global dashboard. All in under 3 minutes.

The setup is divided into 3 short steps: Information, Equation & Goal. And you’re ready to set out on improving it!


Setting up an integration in Cobraid Deploy is vital to setting the right goals. This video shows an integration being set up with e-conomic in just 37 seconds.

If you are wondering what integrations are, don’t worry – we explain that here.

Our list of integrations is rapidly growing. To see the newest list check out this page.

Live Reporting

Cobraid Deploy contains a live reporting tool where you can see all relevant data about the goals that you have set. You can have a look at them all in relation to each other and you can have an in-detail look at each one in specific. It’s also possible to set comments on the graphs in order to note if there is anything of note that might have changed the KPI.



When you’ve set a goal you need to make sure you make actions to reach them.

Within Cobraid Deploy we have system to track which actions you plan on doing to reach the goals you’ve set. You can connect the actions to a goal, to a user and assign it a checklist. 


Cobraid Deploy helps you visualize your goals. Setting a goal you’ll be able to see it visualized on a graph. We’ve also set up a way for you to make personalized dashboards and share them with anyone online using only a link. This link will show you a public dashboard we’ve made.

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