Cobraid deploy

Google Sheets Integration

Cobraid Deploy integrates with Googles online spreadsheet tool Google Sheets. This section is a getting started guide for setting up a spreadsheet with Cobraid Deploy with any type of data. 

Setting up a Google Sheet with Cobraid Deploy

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a Google Sheet with Cobraid Deploy. The sections below will go through all the same steps as explained in the video guide.

1. Connect Google account

Step 1 is to connect your Google account with Cobraid. We do this by adding a new integration to a team.

Go to the integrations section and click the + button. Choose Google Sheets in the popup.

2. Authenticate

Authenticate by signing in with your Google account and allowing Cobraid Deploy to access your Google Drive. The permission section states that Cobraid Deploy will be able to see, edit, create and delete all of your Google Drive files. This is not true. Cobraid Deploy is only able to see your files and do not have permissions to change anything in your Google Drive.

3. Add integration information

Add a name and choose a spreadsheet for the integration before clicking create.

4. Create KPI

Go to the KPIs section and click the plus button. Give the KPI a name and click next.

5. Select data

Select the Google Sheets integration and choose the source. Pick a property in the dropdown (all columns are available as properties). 

Choose the column you want to use as the date column and select the time format used in that column. You also need to indicate if all values for the property should be accumulated (summarized). 

6. Finish creation

Check the preview and click create to finish the setup of the new KPI.

7. Create a new dashboard

Go to the dashboards tab and click new dashboard. Give the dashboard a name and click create.

8. Add KPI to dashboard

Click the customize button followed by the + button to add a new KPI to the dashboard. Choose the KPI created in step 6 and click next.

9. Choose the visualization type

Choose how you want to visualize the KPI by either picking line chart or number. 

The dashboard now contains the KPI we created. You can create more KPIs with more Google Sheets data either as single variable KPIs like this one or by using a formula.

It is even possible to combine the Google Sheets data with other integrations if needed. 

Get a copy of the demo spreadsheet

We’ve made the Google Sheets spreadsheet used in this demo public, so that you can use it as a starting point. It is possible to add a copy of it to your own Google Drive and use that as a template.