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Cobraid Deploy - KPI management tool

Cobraid Deploy is a KPI management tool that empowers companies to become masters of their data. With this easy to use and intuitive software system and always ready to help consultants, you can keep track of your KPIs in real time, which allows you to become more proactive and agile.

We’ve got you covered

Enjoy a fast & easy set-up

Cobraid Deploy automatically integrates all of your important business data in only a few clicks. As easy as it can be!

Organize your teams

Each team can have their own KPIs and dashboard so they can visualize the data that matters to them.

Visualize your progress

With easy to create dashboards, you’ll be able to track the most important KPIs and always stay on top of the situation.

Act in time

All of your data are updated in real-time. This lets you to see how things are going right now, so you can act in time.

Get all your data in one place

Integrate your business data and let Cobraid calculate your KPIs so that you can focus on running your business.


Feel safe with our security

We make sure that your data is safe. We store all data in Azure where it is encrypted and secure.

Use the app on any device

Enjoy Cobraid Deploy on your computer, tablet or phone. We’ll make sure that you get a good user experience on any device.

Have as many users as you want

We believe in a simple pricing model that scales with your needs, not with the number of users you have.

One of the beauties of Cobraid Deploy is that it tells me what happened five minutes ago, and it allows me and my team, the management team, to make eye level decisions about where we want to go with the company. We could be much more agile in our response to what’s happening to us and the world around us. But it’s not just a management tool. You can use Deploy throughout your organisation. You can empower everybody in the organisation to see just what they need to stimulate them.

So, for example, our latest suite of Deploy dashboards, our community management team and the recruitment team, they can see every day how they’re doing with various language combinations. They can see how many candidates or what stage of the process they are in. It creates a momentum and an excitement for them in their work space.

It’s really hard work onboarding seventeen hundred people in this process, so it helps that management has the overall view of all of the clients. For example, as recently as two days ago, we made the decision to bring in two new community managers because we could see from the data that we needed more help.

So this is, again, a fantastic example of how Deploy does its work. It does exactly what the guys at Cobraid said it would do.

Robert Etches - CEO of Exfluency


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