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Cobraid Deploy

Cobraid Deploy is a KPI reporting tool that empowers companies to comprehend and share their data. With this user-friendly and intuitive software system, coupled with our ever-available consultants, you can monitor your KPIs in real time. Furthermore, it enables you to communicate with stakeholders as data evolves, fostering a more proactive and agile approach.


We got you covered

Enjoy a fast & easy set-up

Cobraid Deploy automatically integrates all of your important business data in only a few clicks. As easy as it can be!

Organize your teams

Each team can have their own KPIs and dashboard so they can visualize the data that matters to them.

Visualize your progress

With easy to create dashboards, you’ll be able to track the most important KPIs and always stay on top of the situation.

Act in time

All of your data are updated in real-time. This lets you to see how things are going right now, so you can act in time.

Communicate In-App

Communicate with stakeholders within the app by utilising comments function for seamless and interactive communication.


Use dashboards for reporting

Provide stakeholders with comprehensive insights by sharing interactive dashboards for transparent reporting.

Manage your projects in teams

Elevate project success with tailored teams – streamline your management today!

Have as many users as you want

We believe in a simple pricing model that scales with your needs, not with the number of users you have.


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