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Let strategy make

all of your data
in one place

Data is king, and those in possession of critical business insights
and real time data will take the lead in the competition.
Cobraid Deploy empowers everybody to become masters of data.
Integrate all of your critical business data sources and let Cobraid
make your KPIs so that you can focus on running your business.

Take a look at our rapidly growing list of easy-to-use integrations.

act in time

Although yearly reports can give a larger picture it cannot let you react in time to change anything. 

Keeping track of your KPIs in real time lets you see how things are right now and change it. This enables you being agile.

Stay on top

Cobraid Deploy gets all the newest data instantly which makes
sure you are always updated and have the possibility off
reacting in the moment! 

Don’t let things happen around you while acting on the past – be proactive and agile with up to date data


With Cobraid Deploy you can visualize your organization’s goals and progress through graphs, gauges and live reports.

This makes it much easier to relate to the goals and keep track of the company’s progress towards it

With Global Dashboards you are able to share the progress you are making on your goals with anyone – and they get updated in real time.  

Fast and easy setup

If you find data manipulation tricky you will like our templates.
We have made it easy to set up goals so you can focus on reaching them.

The only thing required of you is select 
your data sources, choose a target and set a deadline.

Cobraid Deploy contains templates that makes it easy to set up goals for your team. The formula, name and description is premade to make it as easy for you as possible. 

Our dashboard service even makes it easy to
see and share the progress on your goals.

Super exciting software that helps take strategy out of C-level mode and empowers the entire organisation. I’m impressed.

Robert Etches

CEO, Exfluency

Data security

We take all repercussions to make sure your data is safe. As we encrypt all data no one will be able to get to your data but our system.

We store all data in Azure where it is encrypted when not in use by our app – Deploy. Only our app – Deploy –  has access to our servers where we store the data.

Sign in to Cobraid Deploy is made with Microsoft ASP.NET Core Identity, with restrictions to passwords. Passwords are encrypted on our server.  As per standard our website is SSL encrypted

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