Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Real-time Data Analytics

About Exfluency

Exfluency aspires to facilitate knowledge sharing across cultures and overcome language barriers. To accomplish this, they have created AI and blockchain-powered solutions for language and data security, empowering corporations to communicate across cultures — quickly, inexpensively, and securely. Their platform functions as a peer-to-peer marketplace that harnesses the advantages of hybrid intelligence. Clients can tap into a community of subject matter experts and linguists around the clock, employing their expertise to enhance multilingual projects at any time and from any location. They call it the Exfluency Ecosystem.


Exfluency was facing challenges typical of many businesses—limited access to real-time data, delayed insights, and a lack of transparency across departments and with clients. These challenges hindered proactive decision-making and affected their ability to respond promptly to market changes.

The case study focuses on a company’s transformative experience after implementing a data-driven “Deploy” to enhance decision-making processes, empower employees, and foster transparency with clients.


Before implementing Cobraid Deploy, Exfluency faced several challenges:


Delayed Data Access

The company struggled with obtaining up-to-date information, often relying on month-old data for decision-making.



Limited Data Visibility

Only a select few employees had access to data, hindering informed decision-making across the organization.


Lack of Transparency

Clients lacked visibility into the company’s processes, creating potential communication gaps and misunderstandings.

Solution Implemented and Results Achieved

Exfluency implemented “Deploy,” a real-time data analytics tool provided by Cobraid. Deploy allowed the company to access and visualize real-time data, empowering employees at all levels to make data-driven decisions.


Enhanced Decision-making

Managers gained real-time insights, enabling proactive decision-making based on current data rather than reacting to historical information.



Empowerment Across Teams

Various teams, such as the community management and recruitment teams, leveraged Deploy’s dashboards to track performance metrics, leading to increased motivation and efficiency.


Client Transparency

Providing clients access to certain data through Deploy improved transparency, fostering better relationships and trust.


Agile Resource Allocation

Based on data insights, the company swiftly made decisions, like hiring additional community managers, optimizing resource allocation, and responding promptly to market needs.



Exfluency’s adoption of Deploy revolutionized its operational efficiency, from agile decision-making to improved client relations. The tool’s ability to provide real-time data transformed the company’s approach to data-driven decision-making, fostering a more proactive and empowered organizational culture.